The Lumbini Social Service Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded and managed by the local Lumbini community.
Our mission is to put compassion and wisdom into practical action, to help create better communities.
Our journey began over 15 years ago, in a humble bamboo grass hut.
From this first office, we managed a small, volunteer-led school for rural children called The Metta (loving-kindness) School, and from this small grassroots family we developed a network of dedicated local, national, and international volunteers to address the root causes of poverty, hunger, and social inequality.
Everyone who works with LSSF is a volunteer.
We have expanded our work over the years to serve the rural communities of Lumbini in various strategic areas like access to education, health awareness, environmental conservation, and women’s empowerment.
Our vision is guided by three focus areas:
Every child born is valuable to the future of humanity.
LSSF believes in the rights of every child: the right to education, the right to childhood, the right to love, and the right to nutrition and healthcare. Children deserve the best that we can offer them.
Women and mothers play a vital role in society and development.
LSSF is working to eliminate cultural discrimination against girls and women. By providing equal access to education, we are helping to change local gender roles and empower rural women. We are also improving the health of local families.
Wellbeing is intimately linked with environment.
Sustainable environmental conservation begins with an awareness of the critical role of the environment plays in our lives. LSSF’s approach to environmentalism is primarily educational because we believe that perceptions of the value of the environment will ultimately dictate the dedication of the people to its conservation. Through various projects, LSSF therefore tries to generate awareness for environmental conservation, and furthermore works to preserve critical habitats for endangered cranes.
LSSF was established in 2003, and is a government registered, charitable community development organization. LSSF is also a member of the National Social Welfare Council of Nepal.
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