Peace Grove Institute is a haven for Lumbini girls who would otherwise be married as young as 10 years of age, to face a life of poverty, no education, and manual labor.
Co-founded in 2010 by Venerable Metteyya and his Dharma mother Guruma Bodhi Sakyadhita, the Peace Grove Institute is a nunnery which now includes 10 rooms, a large Dharma hall, and a small garden. 26 girls aged 7 to 27 have been ordained as novice nuns in order to continue their education in an environment that is socially acceptable to their families and free of charge. At the institute, they receive instruction in Buddhist history and learn to practice meditation. The peaceful and nurturing atmosphere provides a safe and loving Dhamma environment which inspires the girls to explore their potential. When they complete high school, our novice nuns are given the opportunity to further their studies to develop vocational skills, so that they may make significant contributions to their community.
In the 6th century BCE, when domination and scriptural condemnation of women was at its peak, the Buddha came forward and affirmed the equal spiritual potential of both women and men. This affirmation represented a significant departure from prevailing views that defined women in terms of their biological function and their capacity for productive labor.
Peace Grove Institute is established based on this noble declaration of Buddha to transform the lives of women of Lumbini with the attitude of compassion, gratitude and care.
Peace Grove Institute began as a small, single room structure in a former plant nursery surrounded by the rice fields of the Terrai.
Under the nurturing care of co-founders Venerable Metteyya and his Dharma mother Guruma Bodhi Sakyadhita, the small nursery was converted into a humble little nunnery in very little time. The first 8 novice nuns shared a single room, and Venerable Metteyya gave talks in the tiny dharma hall and in the surrounding gardens. Guruma Bodhi taught the Dhamma classes and trained the nuns. Little by little, thanks to the donations and support of friends and well-wishers the Peace Grove Institute grew.
Young wives and mothers in the Terrai suffer a life of poverty and labor, and with little or no access to education, the cycle of poverty is tragically perpetuated from generation to generation.
There is a long waiting list of girls who wish to be enrolled at Peace Grove Institute. We are delighted to see that many mothers and parents have themselves requested that their daughters be educated with us. This is a good indication that there is a rising awareness in the local community for the importance of educating girls.
Peace Grove Institute
Peace Grove Institute is a loving Dhamma home for 26 girls ordained as novice nuns.
Helps girls to escape child marriage and pursue higher education
Has a long waiting list of girls seeking admission
Offers regular meditation and Dhamma practices
Provides a full moon program for community and village mothers
Currently supports one senior novice nun receiving higher university education in Sri Lanka
Supports the first 4 girls from Peace Grove Institute who are currently completing Midwife-Nurse training and will be the first girls in the region to do so
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