In 2013, the Bodhi Institute was established within the monastic zone of the Lumbini master plan to provide Dhamma education to local communities and to guide visitors and pilgrims who are drawn to the sacred birthplace of the Buddha.
After the great success of Peace Grove Institute, local parents repeatedly requested Venerable Metteyya to start a similar program where their sons could also receive the benefits of a good education and a positive, nurturing environment. So in February 2015 the Bodhi Novice Dharma School was inaugurated by ordaining 40 children from local communities as novice monks. Here they receive a Dhamma education, lodging, schooling, and meals free of charge.
Ultimately, the Bodhi Institute will constitute a Peace Education Center to guide visitors, pilgrims, and locals who are drawn to the culture and history of the sacred birthplace of the Buddha.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are drawn to Lumbini, Nepal by the peace and serenity of the Buddha’s teachings.
The concept of the Bodhi Institute was born out of a desire to help guide these guests and pilgrims. Here, guests will be able to attend information sessions, access a Dharma library, learn about the basic teachings of the Buddha and meditation, hold meetings and conferences, and make of their visit a meaningful experience.
The Bodhi Institute was established within the Monastic Zone of the Lumbini Master plan in 2013. Although it is still under construction, the Bodhi Institute seeks to reconnect local villagers with their rich cultural heritage, and serves and educates the local community through its novice program.
Bodhi Institute
Educates 41 novice monks ordained from local communities
Serves visitors and pilgrims by providing clean drinking water and information
Organizes Buddha’s birthday celebrations
Prints and distributes Nepali Dhamma texts free of charge
Supports local communities
Plans to develop a Peace Studies program for university students and scholars
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